International Research Center on Cannabis and Health

Dr. Jahan Marcu speaks in China about hemp and CBD

Building on years of expertise in working with the cannabis and healthcare industries, IRCCH was created to bridge a gap between research and clinical practice.  IRCCH was developed out of a chance meeting between the two co-founders, Dr. Jan Roberts and Dr. Jahan Marcu, at a cannabis conference in Israel in 2017.  Both Dr. Roberts and Dr. Marcu recognized the need to look at cannabis and its impact on health issues from a holistic and objective perspective.  They decided to develop a community-based institute that collaborates with universities, researchers, foundations, state institutions, and other organizations to leverage the best talent in the field.  

With a passion for research and education mixed with a little courage, Dr. Marcu and Dr. Roberts decided on creating the International Research Center on Cannabis and Health.  So far, the response has been overwhelming. Building on Dr. Roberts's expertise as a successful business woman in the healthcare space, educator at NYU, and a private clinician and Dr. Marcu's years of experience on cannabis education, safety, and advocacy, IRCCH was created. The first research project affiliating IRCCH and NYU was launched in April of 2018. Currently, they work worldwide with industry, governments, universities in changing how cannabis is understood and used for therapeutic purposes.


Who We Are

We are a collaborative group of scientists, educators, and clinicians focused on cannabis and its impact on health


What We Do

We are here to bridge the gap between science and clinical practice through our numerous programs